For Visitors(コミティア英語案内)

This page is a brief introduction to COMITIA in English for foreign visitors.
You can switch between "English" and "日本語(Japanese)" below.
If you can read Japanese, please refer to "About COMITIA" and "General Participation Guide" for more detailed explanations.
The following description is a guide for COMITIA147, held on February 25, 2024. Please note that the contents are different each time.

What is COMITIA?

COMITIA is an exhibition and sales event for original works only, where professional and amateur authors present and sell their manga and other works created by themselves. Secondary works of copyrighted material (fan art, fanzine, or fan fiction/parodies) may not be sold.
This is a stage for self-expression where writers with free and fresh individuality can test their skills. At the same time, for readers who are not satisfied with ready-made products, it is also a mountain of treasure hunts where they can discover unseen manga that they have been looking for.
The COMITIA will be held as a “place” where individual artists and readers can meet directly.

Since 1984, COMITIA has been held regularly (usually four times a year) by the COMITIA Committee, a volunteer organization.

How do I enter the venue?

At COMITIA, all visitors are referred to as "Participants". Those who come to COMITIA to view and purchase exhibits are called "Regular participants".

Regular participants must follow the steps below to enter the venue.

  1. Please use public transportation and avoid coming late at night or very early in the morning.
  2. If you arrive before 11:00 AM, please wait in line to enter.
    Even after 11:00, line up at the end of the entrance waiting line until it has completely entered the venue. You can enter immediately after the entrance waiting line is filled.
  3. Please present the catalog (Tia’s Magazine) to the staff when entering. Catalogs with only the front cover cut out or disassembled catalogs are invalid for admission.
  4. Regular participants 12 years old or younger do not need to purchase a catalog (free admission).

Other precautions in the venue